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What We May Be by Layla Reyne


What we were…
Sean found love once, with his college roommate, Trevor, and Trevor’s best friend, Charlotte.
The missing piece, Sean made it possible for Trevor and Charlotte to find love too.
But then Sean left and took the love with him.

What we are…
Now an FBI agent, Sean is back in town, ten years later, to investigate a murder.
A case that pits him against his ex-lovers—Charlotte, a local detective, and Trevor, a literature professor sucked into the Shakespearean mystery.
Everyone guards their hearts, but before long, desire sparks anew the feelings that burned hot a decade ago.
That still burn true.

What we may be…
Love is within their grasp again, but as the killer escalates, it’s more than just their hearts and futures on the line.
Sean, Charlotte, and Trevor will need to work together to solve the case.
If they can’t, lives will be lost and pieces of their love gone for good.


I’ve read many second chance romances and was impressed with this engrossing murder case intertwined with the protagonists.

FBI Agent Sean Hale is back in Hanover, North Carolina after a decade. The town he left because of loyalty and obligation. The town he left with so much regret and heartache for the loss of the two people he left behind. Now he’s back to solve a murder connected to those two people he betrayed so long ago.  Will they accept his apology and give him a second chance?

Professor Trevor Caldwell and Deputy Chief Charlotte “Charlie” are best friends and family. When Sean left them on that fateful night when all hell broke loose, they felt aimless and incomplete without him. So they tried to get on with their lives to no avail. Now Sean has returned and tensions are high. First, they have to solve a serial murder case that is eerily connected with that night ten years ago. The night Charlie was attacked, the night Charlie’s mother died, the night Sean left them. Secondly, they have to address the elephant in the room and open up about the past. Will they be able to forgive Sean and heal together?

Sean, Trevor, and Charlie have a unique and loving relationship that only works when all three are together. Trevor and Charlie could not be a couple without their missing link, Sean, so they settled for best friends. Trevor’s concern and protectiveness for Charlie are understandable when Sean comes back, but Trevor is just as hurt which he displays in anger toward Sean. Charlie has lost a lot of family and with Sean’s return, he has brought back heartache and perhaps some semblance of hope. The chemistry between all of them is still there as the three finally tell the truth about everything that happened that heartbreaking night and make a promise to fight for what they may be.

In the meantime, they work together to find a serial killer who is murdering seemingly random people until the victims connect to Charlie’s family. The twists and turns in the murder mystery are frustrating and surprising as the reader is dragged into a killer’s Shakespearean obsession to get revenge for betrayals, deceptions, and infidelities from the past.

I recommend this intriguing and startling romantic suspense involving a delusional killer and three lovers determined to protect and fight for each other and finally have a happily ever after.

Thank you to Ms. Reyne for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


What We May Be

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Layla Reyne is the author of the Fog City, Agents Irish and Whiskey, Trouble Brewing, and Changing Lanes series. A Carolina Tar Heel who now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home, Layla enjoys weaving her bi-coastal experiences into her stories, along with adrenaline fueled suspense and heart pounding romance.

You can find Layla online via the social links below, or in her reader group on Facebook—Layla’s Lushes, or on BookBub, Amazon, Twitter, and Instagram.


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