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Trip Me Up (Synergy #3) by Michelle McCraw


A farmboy and a techie meet up on tour. They couldn’t be more different. But together, they’re hotter than an overclocked computer chip.

Nerdy computer scientist Sam didn’t mean to bring her dog to her mother’s stuffy fundraiser. Okay, she may have needed the excuse to get back to her research, but she doesn’t mean for Bilbo Baggins to escape. And she *really* doesn’t count on a sexy lumberjack rescuing him from a socialite’s stiletto heel.

Flannel-wearing fantasy writer Niall is bewitched. The owner of the dog he’s just rescued has a special kind of magic – ethereal beauty plus a brilliant mind. Niall falls faster than a tree in an enchanted forest, especially after his writer’s block disappears.

Thrown together on a joint book tour, it doesn’t take long for Niall and Sam’s red-hot chemistry to ignite. But Sam has a secret, one that’ll rip apart everything Niall values. One that will chop down their budding relationship and might blue-screen her dreams, too.


Two opposites are thrown together on a joint book tour. One of them is legit and one of them is a liar.

Samantha Jones is a quirky computer nerd who has created a computer app that could change her life forever. However, she is bullied into an NDA contract to keep a secret that could harm the future of writers. Especially, one writer who has found his way into her heart. 

Niall Flynn is a notable fantasy writer who is traveling with the beautiful nymph who became his muse. Their attraction is strong, but she has promised that whatever happens on tour will end when it is over. Yeah. Tell that to his heart.

From the beginning, I loved Samantha and her adorable lactose intolerant dog, Bilbo Baggins. It is apparent from the start that Bilbo Baggins is her emotional support dog and he’s the catalyst in bringing Niall and Samantha together. The attraction is instant and their passion is real as Sam struggles to keep her secret and Niall works to break her walls down. Niall’s compassion and way with words are beautiful and it’s lovely to see someone who loves his career as a writer so much. Sam’s horrible past relationship that changed her life and changed the way her family looked at her afterward is heartbreaking and uncalled for. As she wars with her growing feelings for Niall and her secret that will tear them apart, it is fulfilling to see her strength shine through in her crazy deed to redeem herself. Both characters grow in the story finding their way to a HEA.

Sam’s brother, Jackson, is supportive and protective of his sister to the extinct of risking his reputation as a successful businessman for her. In addition, Niall’s mother and grandpa are the normalcy that Niall needs when he returns home from a long book tour.

I am happy to recommend this slow burn romance which is filled with angst, hilarity, and redemption.

Thank you to Ms. McCraw for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Trip Me Up

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Michelle McCraw loves reading kissing books and working in tech. One day, she decided to combine her two interests, and now she writes steamy, nerdy contemporary romance that just might make you laugh. Her books feature characters who unashamedly love science, engineering, and technology and also lots of sex.

A native Texan, Michelle now lives where her family considers her a Yankee, but she’ll never stop saying y’all. Michelle enjoys reading, travel, drinking bourbon, and spoiling her extraordinarily ill-behaved but adorable dogs. She has been a finalist in the RWA Vivian Contest, the Contemporary Romance Writers’ Stiletto Contest, and the Windy City Romance Writers’ Four Seasons Contest.

Michelle is represented by Amy Brewer of Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

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