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Forget Me (Synergy #5) by Michelle McCraw


She doesn’t remember their night together. He can’t forget it.

When accountant Mimi wakes up after a night of fun with her girlfriends, she remembers the hot guy in glasses she flirted with at the bar but not much else. With no way to contact him – no phone number, not even a selfie – she’ll do her best to forget him. Because nothing, not even a sexy mystery man, will keep her from winning her dream job.


Her brother’s friend is everywhere – spilling coffee on her presentation, bringing apology flowers to her at work, even wowing her new boss at her project meeting.

Mateo has never struggled to be the fun, cool, suave guy – except around Mimi. She’s found his Awkward switch, and now it’s stuck in the ON position.

After screwing up Mimi’s presentation, the least Mateo can do is help her. He charms her boss, who pushes them to attend the foundation’s upcoming gala together. If helping Mimi means being her fake date at her big work event, he’s more than up for the job. And if he can convince Mimi he’s good enough to be her real boyfriend, he’ll have all he’s ever wanted since he met her that night in the bar.


I was asked by Ms. McCraw to review her latest book in the Synergy series after enjoying Trip Me Up last year. She didn’t disappoint.

Mimi is a grumpy accountant focused on a new fulfilling job but run by a backstabbing bitch. Mateo is the charming head of security for his cousin focused on the stubborn woman who forgot their compelling encounter.

After a forgetful night at her best friend’s bachelor party, Mimi is plagued by a Mystery Man with glasses who gave her a ring for safekeeping. Who is this kind man who made her laugh and open up about her life? Why is he so important to her? Men are a distraction. Her career is the key to her happiness. 

Mateo is enamored with a woman who thinks he is forgettable. Why put himself through her rudeness and disdain? Because on their breakthrough night at the bar, she told him so many things about herself. Yes, his reputation as a player precedes him, but this woman has captured his heart. Now he only had to convince her of that.

I love grumpy/sunshine tropes and Mimi takes the grumpiness to new levels.  In fact, I didn’t really like how she treated poor Mateo who was only trying to help. Mateo, on the other hand, is adorable. His persistence in trying to awkwardly woo Mimi is endearing. They both have baggage. Mimi with her formidable lawyer mother constantly telling her to work on her career first and let’s not forget Mimi’s nasty ex who used her for his own personal career gain. Mateo has a fear of not being worthy when his mother left him and his dad, and then Mateo dropped everything to take care of his dying father. The misunderstandings get ahold of the characters in this story, but once they get to know each other and Mimi gets her memory back about that night, the sparks fly and the love story begins. 

There are many supporting characters, good and bad, who keep the story moving. Mateo’s Aunt Rosa gives good advice and makes delicious food. Mimi’s brother, Ben, is so supportive and protective of his sister. Larissa, Mimi’s “boss”, is one nasty bitch who gets her karma, but deserved much more. And let’s not forget the loveable Roger the cat who tugs at your heartstrings.

I promise you will laugh, cry, and spit nails while watching these two fight their demons and fall in love. 

Thank you to Ms. McCraw for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Forget Me

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Michelle McCraw loves reading kissing books and working in tech. One day, she decided to combine her two interests, and now she writes steamy, nerdy contemporary romance that just might make you laugh. Her books feature characters who unashamedly love science, engineering, and technology and also lots of sex.

A native Texan, Michelle now lives where her family considers her a Yankee, but she’ll never stop saying y’all. Michelle enjoys reading, travel, drinking bourbon, and spoiling her extraordinarily ill-behaved but adorable dogs. She has been a finalist in the RWA Vivian Contest, the Contemporary Romance Writers’ Stiletto Contest, and the Windy City Romance Writers’ Four Seasons Contest.

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