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Guarded by Dominique Wolf


“This is not a game. This is kill or be killed – the choice is yours.”

When the Neves family find themselves on the wrong side of one of the most notorious crime families in Portugal, Milena Neves has to go on the run. But she’s not alone.

Hired to protect her, Vincenzo De Rossi has one thing on his mind – Keep Milena alive. That is until the two of them are awakened by a suffocating tension that becomes more and more difficult to ignore.

While trying to outrun her death sentence, Milena and Vincenzo realise there is more they need to try and escape – the ever-growing connection between the two of them. Forced together by the circumstances, Vincenzo and Milena must navigate their new reality and attempt to outrun the target on her back while also facing the internal battle of doing what’s expected of them instead of what they truly desire.

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My father was a killer and I had a target on my back.

Milena Neves is tenacious, infuriating, and hides her sadness and anger behind her sarcasm and witty comebacks. When her father puts her in danger, she is forced to run for her life with a sexy, domineering bodyguard who gets on her last nerve. He’s the only person in her life right now and the more she learns about him, the more she wants to know about the man behind the tightly controlled facade.

Vincenzo “Enzo” DeRossi is cool, regimented, and promises to protect the challenging and aggravating woman who knows how to push his buttons. Unfortunately, her flirtatious ways are causing more challenges than he expected.

Milena and Enzo are so much alike with their cold demeanors and controlled emotions. They both stay away from relationships and they have never encountered anyone like each other. However, temptation and forced proximity are their downfall as their attraction grows and their walls are torn down. I have to give it to Enzo for holding out as long as he did. He tried to keep it professional, but the heart and body know what they want. Bodyguard Enzo is formidable, but sexy man Enzo is delectable. Milena’s mouth gets her in more trouble than not, but she does it to cover up her hurt and grief over her dead sister.  Enzo hides his emotions too because of his losses. Another shared trait between them. Their verbal sparring is funny as well as sexy and when they let go of that tension, it’s hot. I love Enzo’s innate protective streak as he will give up his life to keep Milena safe. His frustration at people underestimating what he will do has some dark humor to it.  I love Milena’s strength through so much trauma, and though she’s reckless with her behavior, she is fierce when she is crossed. 

Notable supporting characters include Milena’s father who makes a grave mistake, but with good intentions, and of course, the villains who make a small appearance at the end.

The story is non-stop action from beginning to end and I couldn’t put it down. There are twists and turns as well as anguished love that make a great romantic suspense.

Thank you to Ms. Wolf for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Dominique WolfSouth African born romance writer, Dominique Wolf made her debut in the world of self-publishing with her 3-book release of the “More Than” series. Published sporadically in the last half of 2021, she began to gather an audience of dedicated readers that have continued to support her self-publishing journey.

Having studied acting after high-school, she was focused on a different form of storytelling until she finally focused on her writing and completed a story for the first time ever. Twelve year old Dominique would be proud to see how far her, what was once just scribbles of ideas has come. When she’s not writing a romance book, she’s reading one.

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