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No Proof by Ashley McConnell



Everything in Sadie Augustine’s life is going according to plan. She has her own graphic design company, a lifelong best friend named Audrey, a townhome in chilly Vermont, and Daisy, her Retriever pup. The one area Sadie has been struggling with – love.

When the mysterious Liam Reynolds moves in next door, he’s exactly what she was looking for – tall, dark, and handsome. When he and Sadie hit it off, they quickly learn that they’re a perfect match. So what happens when Audrey starts to uncover some dark secrets from Liam’s past? Someone won’t make it out alive.

You may think you have it figured out, but you haven’t even scratched the surface.


When a lonely and naive woman develops a relationship with her mysterious next-door neighbor, her best friend’s misgivings about him start to become a reality.

This is a slow-charged debut suspense novel that is told from three POVs. We are introduced to Sadie Augustine who has started her life over after being cruelly dumped by her ex. Sadie is happy in her new apartment with her new puppy and her routine life. Then she meets her charming new neighbor Liam Reynolds with an answer for everything and a habit of going off the grid for hours on end. Sadie’s best friend Audrey was there when Sadie was destroyed by her ex and Audrey does some investigation into Liam surprised to find a dark past that may put Sadie in danger.

I loved the idea of this novel, but I found it a bit slow and repetitive at the beginning. There’s just so much pizza and warm blankets one can take before I get frustrated in wanting more about who is watching Sadie and why Liam is in Vermont and pursuing Sadie. As the story builds and all of the points of view come into play, I couldn’t wait until the stalker was revealed. And then the author throws a twist at the end. A twist that comes out of left field making it all worth the read. 

I enjoyed this first novel filled with angst, mystery, a little romance, and a chilling ending. I look forward to reading more from this new author.  


No Proof

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Ashley has always loved to write, it didn’t matter what it was. It could’ve been a short story, full-length book, or to do list, as long as words were coming out of her brain and onto paper, she loved it.

Working as an IT Project Manager by day, Ashley uses any free time in the evenings to write. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Ross, and her two dogs – Teddy and Lilly. Ashley’s favorite genres to both read and write are romance and thrillers.

When her nose isn’t in a book, you can find her watching true crime documentaries or wishing she was at the beach.

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