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Tell Me I’m Wrong by Adam Croft


What if you discovered your husband was a serial killer?

Megan Miller is an ordinary woman with a young family — until a shocking discovery shatters her perfect world.

When two young boys are brutally murdered in their tight-knit village community, Megan slowly begins to realize the signs all point to the lovable local primary school teacher — her husband.

But when she begins to delve deeper into her husband’s secret life, she makes discoveries that will make her question everything she knows — and make her fear for her young daughter’s life.

Facing an impossible decision, she is desperate to uncover the truth. But once you know something, it can’t be unknown. And the more she learns, the more she wishes she never knew anything at all…

WARNING: Due to the nature of the storyline premise, there may be triggers for more sensitive readers.


I chose a psychological thriller from my TBR pile this time. Even though I guessed early on who the killer was, it was a thrilling read.

Tell Me I’m Wrong is a standalone read told from dual first-person perspectives. There is a child killer in a small, sleepy, peaceful village in England and secrets abound in the Miller home. If they come out, their lives will never be the same again.

Megan and Chris seem like any other couple dealing with a new baby, but Megan is finding signs that Chris is pulling away and hiding something. Not to mention the murder of two young boys in their small village has put everyone on edge. Chris is understandably upset because he is a teacher at the local school and knew both boys, and Megan finds damning evidence that could point at Chris as a suspect. Is her husband a serial killer?

Not everything is as it seems. Megan is dealing with a lot. Her mental health seems questionable as she goes deeper into depression and panic. Post-partum depression is no joke and when the lying Chris tries to gaslight her into thinking everything is in her mind, I was livid. However, there are other things at play and though Megan tries to justify her husband’s suspect actions, she jumps to conclusions that end in a terrible realization.  The more you get further into the book, the more your skin starts to crawl. I feel sorry for those little boys who didn’t deserve to die and I feel sorry for the Miller’s little girl who was not blessed with the best parents. The ending of this story is certainly not pleasant, but it was well worth the read. 

If you enjoy a good slide down the proverbial rabbit hole, give this gripping novel a try.  It was hard to put down.


Tell Me I'm Wrong

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With over two million books sold to date, Adam Croft is one of the most successful independently published authors in the world, and one of the biggest-selling authors of the past few years, having sold books in over 138 different countries.

To date, Adam has achieved seven Amazon storewide number 1 bestsellers, in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia.

His 2015 worldwide bestseller Her Last Tomorrow became one of the bestselling books of the year, peaking at number 12 in the combined paperback fiction and non-fiction chart.

His Knight & Culverhouse crime thriller series has seen huge popularity worldwide, with his Kempston Hardwick mystery books being adapted as audio plays starring some of the biggest names in British TV.

In 2016, the Knight & Culverhouse Box Set reached storewide number 1 in Canada, knocking J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child off the top spot only weeks after Her Last Tomorrow was also number 1 in the same country.

During the summer of 2016, two of Adam’s books hit the USA Today bestseller list only weeks apart, making them two of the most-purchased books in the United States over the summer.

In February 2017, Only The Truth became a worldwide bestseller, reaching storewide number 1 at both Amazon US and Amazon UK, making it the bestselling book in the world at that moment in time. The same day, Amazon’s overall Author Rankings placed Adam as the most widely read author in the world, with J.K. Rowling in second place.

In January 2018, Adam’s bestselling book to date, Tell Me I’m Wrong became a worldwide bestseller and quickly went on to outsell Her Last Tomorrow.

Adam is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on independent publishing and has been featured on BBC television, BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 5 Live, the BBC World ServiceThe GuardianThe Huffington PostThe Bookseller, and a number of other news and media outlets.

In March 2018, Adam was conferred as an Honorary Doctor of Arts, the highest academic qualification in the UK, by the University of Bedfordshire, in recognition of his services to literature.

Adam presents the regular crime fiction podcast Partners in Crime with fellow bestselling author Robert Daws.

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