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A Deadly Obsession (The Obsessed Duet Book 1) by Vi Carter


He’s no prince charming. This isn’t a fairy tale.

I’ve been groomed my whole life to become his wife.
A man I have never met.
I won’t be alone, there are seven of us and he will only choose one.
When I arrive at his mansion, I’m excited until I realize my prince charming is a brute.
A man without feelings.
A man who has no interest in the parties that are thrown, so he can get to know us.
He’s angry and brutal.
He has us all terrified.
Until that one night. The night I stand up to him and become his obsession.
It’s a deadly obsession, that I fear I won’t survive.

I want to be left alone, but my time has come to pick a wife.
A wife from seven potential women.
I have an empire to rule.
I will not allow anything to get in the way of that.
Most certainly not any of these women.
That is, until that one night.
She stands out of formation and stops me from killing an enemy.
No one has ever stood up to me before.
Now she has my attention, whether she wants it or not.

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Ella has been groomed all her life for this day. She was raised for Lucas Andrew O’Faolain the third, and only him.  There are rules. She must follow them or else. But then she meets him, her prince charming. The beast who humiliates her…hurts her…loves her.  And then the punishment. She never had a chance with him. His path was chosen for him by his monster of a father and she will be dealt with. The terror is real and no one will save her.

Lucas hated his life…his family. He did not want to go through with the charade of picking a wife. And then he saw her. Her beauty. Her defiance. But he can’t have her. His life is in his father’s hands. Her life is being threatened and he needs to save her. He will sacrifice himself for her, but is it too late?

What a wild ride! Lucas and his family have power and their own source of justice. Unfortunately, the power is filled with evil and there are all kinds of secrets that are coming to light. Perhaps Lucas is the exception to his family, but he has violent tendencies that make one wonder about his stability.  He is doing his best at trying to save Ella, but I think he can do better. I guess I’ll see in book 2. As for Ella, she’s surprisingly defiant and troublesome, but when one is promised happily ever after and gets this madness, it could set anyone off. Let’s hope she can find happiness. Supporting characters like Hannah and Jessie are needed for Ella to keep her sanity. As for Master Andrew and Henry, you can’t get anymore psycho or evil.  And Alex? Another reason to ready book 2.

Overall, I couldn’t put this book down and have book 2 preordered. It is filled with intensity and surprises around every corner. And let’s not forget the chemistry between Ella and Lucas. Very hot considering their circumstances. It’s beauty and the beast with a twist. If you enjoy dark romantic suspense with extremely evil characters, give this book a try.  A note that book 1 ends in a cliffhanger.


Deadly Obsession

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