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Wild North (The North Brothers #1) by JB Salsbury


To me, he was Grizzly. To the world, I would learn, he’s someone else completely.

I should have died on that mountain. But he rescued me.

More animal than man, he’s cold, distant, and fiercely territorial. He seems to hate me for simply breathing, and yet, he brought me back to life.

After my return to the city, I can’t stop thinking about him. His rough hands, intense glare, and the way he cared for me as if I meant something to him.

He tells me he’s dangerous. That I’m not safe around him. I would eventually understand why he warned me away. But by then it’s too late. My heart is his.


Holy cow! My first JB Salsbury book and I’m so hooked. When a grumpy, alpha Grizzly Adams saves a tenacious and mouthy waitress, the sparks fly and nothing is all that it seems.

Jordan accidentally falls down a mountain after discovering a shocking secret, and she is saved by a large broody man who answers with one-syllable words and resents the fact that she is in his very small cabin.  Jordan slowly recuperates from broken ribs and a concussion while trying to learn more about her savior. The chemistry between them grows and they start to connect, but then real life comes knocking. He says he never lies, but what she finds out about him is far from what she envisioned.

Alexander North is a billionaire savant who spends time in the mountains once a year to get away from the rat race of his career. People are not his thing. When the beautiful and stubborn Jordan enters his very structured life his feelings go from anger to fascination. No other person has made him smile as much as her. He wants to claim her as his own, but he knows he will hurt her in the end. A relationship is not possible with him…with what he is and what he’s done.

The chemistry is off the charts with Jordan and Alexander. Jordan’s fearless pursuit of answers from this quiet but volatile man is dangerous and exhilarating. She sees past Alexander’s hard exterior to the vulnerable man he is. I loved the way she worked her magic on him by making him smile at her witty banter and making him feel wanted. Alexander is so misunderstood and so alone. His family is unusual with a controlling asshole of a dad and brothers who have to step in when Alexander has a meltdown. Jordan is so strong as she tries to survive after being dumped back into her bleak life. Their confrontations are so exciting and Alexander’s secret is so heartbreaking that I couldn’t wait to see how everything turned out.

I want to add that I love Alexander’s gorgeous and confident brother Kingston with his outrageous and flirtatious nature. Also, Hudson is a great support for both Alexander and Jordan. Hayes, on the other hand, takes some getting used to. I’m excited about reading their stories.

I adore this extremely addicting romance fueled with tumultuous emotions, heartbreaking secrets, and love-starved hearts. I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Salsbury’s books.

North Brothers Series

   1. Wild North (2021)
   2. Rebel North (2021) – my review
   3. True North (2022)
   4. Cruel North (2022)


Wild North

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